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KyoLa  Japanese - English  Translation  Service    

Specialized in Japanese-English language translation. 


Business, personal, technical, academic or whatever the project may be, KyoLa Service solves your

Japanese-English language needs.   You will never be “Lost In Translation”. 




     Our top quality translation service is provided by a team of:            

       ·       Professional TRANSLATORS

       ·       PROOFREADERS who are native speakers of the target language

       ·       EDITORS who can adapt the sensitivity of the target country’s culture into translation.


Translation is not just a matter of the linguistic conversion from one language into another. 

It is an artistic process of conveying messages in different languages with social awareness and cultural knowledge behind the language.



Reasons to choose KyoLa Service            

We are not an agent.    Without middlemen, our team will provide consistent and reliable services.

We are specialized in Japanese-English translation.  Our dedicated team members are culturally proficient in unique Japanese customs, values, and current events.   We analyze the nature and the purpose of the job to determine if (or how much) cultural adaptation is needed before making appropriate modifications.  

  We are committed to providing the highest quality service.  Our translators, editors and proofreaders work together to provide a highest quality translation service. 


    Areas  of  Translation   Service                                                    


Website, brochure

Contract and lega document

Product manual

Financial report

E-mail and business correspondence


Academic transcript

Certificate of accreditation

Résumé, recommendation,

Letter, e-mail

Official document:

Immigration matters

Government issued document

Birth Certificate, Divorce Decree

Real Property Description



Rates and Free Quote                                                                                                            

Basic Rates:

          English to Japanese:  Starting US$0.20 per source word

          Japanese to English:  Starting US$0.30 per source word

* The rates depend on the need of expertise.  Per subject or per page fees may apply when one page contains multiple topics or the per page word count is minimal.  Note that the rates may change without advance notice.  Contact us for a free quote.  The quote we provide will be locked for one week.

E-mail us at Contact-us@KyoLa.com for a free quote.

 Lower rates for [Quick / Budget service] are also available.

* Note that we may not be able to provide quotes or accept the job depending on the nature of the content.


    Quick / Budget Translation Service                                                                                                                                  

Under some circumstances, you may prefer not to receive a comprehensive translation service.  When the purpose is just for your reference only, KyoLa offers a quick but accurate translation service by eliminating the editing process as low as 50% of the regular rates.   

E-mail us at Contact-us@KyoLa.com for a free quote.



Privacy and Confidentiality

KyoLa Service takes our ethical and professional responsibilities seriously.   We maintain all the knowledge and information that we have obtained from you with the utmost confidentiality.  Unless written authorization is given by you or we are legally forced to do so, we will not release such information to any third parties.


    A full or a partial advance payment is required for all jobs. 

    We accept:

·         Bank direct deposit

·         PayPal

·         U.S. Bank issued checks (one week check-holding period applies before delivery)


Free Diagnosis:

When you do not have enough responses to your webpage in Japanese, you may start questioning the quality of the translation.  KyoLa Service is offering a quick free diagnosis service.  We will review the translated texts and give you a brief evaluation.  Contact us for a free diagnosis at Contact-us@KyoLa.com.

 * Note that depending on the nature of the content, we may refuse to provide the free diagnosis.










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